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The windy season in Aqaba is mid March-mid October, although we do have wind year round. July and August tend to have less wind than the other months of the windy season. On average, we have wind ~75% of the year.


Our wind is usually side shore (80-90% of the time). On windy days, you can expect wind from 18 - 22 knots. (Suitable for all kiters.) We do have days with wind upward of 35 knots. (For intermediate to advanced kiters only.)


Average Sea temps:

Jan - Mar: 21-23C

Apr-May: 22-25C

Jun-Oct: 27-30C

Nov-Dec: 25-27C

Average Air temps:

Jan-Mar: 17-26C

Apr-May: 27-35C

Jun-Aug: 38-42C

Sep-Oct: 33-37C

Nov-Dec: 22-27C


We are a deep water location with .5-1M chop. We have a very large open area that is never crowded by other kiters or boats making it suitable for beginners and advanced kiters.

Aqaba has a very small coastline of about 26km. Because of the small coastline and land regulations (private and government), H&S Water Sports is the only kite surf center in Aqaba. We are located in the Tala Bay on the South Beach of Aqaba. You can land and launch from our beach and we have a rescue boat available at all times. (It is not permitted to kite in Aqaba without a rescue boat.) Our center is fully equipped with rental equipment, rescue boat, restrooms, changing rooms, storage and people to help set up your kit and land/launch you.

Beginner lessons are taught in deep water from a boat. Wind theory and safety are done on land and then straight to the water to learn kite control and body dragging. 

We are located within the Tala Bay compound so you have access to a mini market and restaurants/bars.

Driving distances:

Downtown Aqaba to Tala Bay, Aqaba: 20 mins

Aqaba to Wadi Rum: 1 hour

Aqaba to Petra: 2 hours

Aqaba to Amman: 3.5-4 hours

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